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With the continued success of companies like Innovative Industrial Properties and their sale lease-back program its apparent that today's Multi-State Operators are focused on operating Cannabis and Medical Hemp Businesses with cash flow being king. 


Many would simply prefer to lease a ready to go facility that was built to your specs and not have to spend all the time and money to develop their own facilities.  Investment capital is more efficiently deployed into turnkey facilities that will generate near term cash-flow for most Operators.


Operating a Cannabis or Hemp Business is much different than operating a Real Estate Development Business.


In order to compete and gain early footholds in new markets you need specialized real estate that is purpose built at an industrial scale, along with all the complicated permits and licenses. 


Unfortunately these properties rarely exist on the market and must be developed. This is not typically an Operator's core business and as a result these activities often end up costing them more time and money than is necessary resulting in a substantial increase in execution risk to shareholders, founders and other stakeholders.

What if you could leverage the power of your companies experience and financial strength to get an expert national development team to work for you just by committing to a lease or Joint Venture on a property?  Seriously, no upfront cost other than a reasonable "skin in the game" deposit along with your signature and CGI does all the heavy lifting to get you up and running in your new facility.


CGI, has recently emerged with an experienced development team and core focus to permit and develop the Infrastructure needed to support the US Cannabis and Medical Hemp Industries and are looking to partner with experienced, well funded Operators.

To credit worthy Operators we offer purpose built industrial scale cultivation, processing and manufacturing facility development under an attractive lease or JV model helping you to preserving your capital for operations and focus on your core business. 


A partnership with CGI will allow MSO's to scale and grow their footprint throughout the US quickly and efficiently.

CGI was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and business professionals that over the course of three years helped several Solar Developers become the best in the Nation by developing an innovative software platform and handling their national land origination efforts and early stage due diligence resulting in the active development of over 200 large scale solar farms. 


For Operators focused on Cultivating and Processing Hemp for CBD we can offer immense value in sourcing leads for cultivation leases in addition to providing you with turnkey cGMP or EU-GMP facilities in new markets under our lease or JV model. 


Through our solar development experience we have deep existing land contacts in the agricultural industry that spans over 10 states including; MA, ME, NH, CT, NY, IL, MI, PA, NJ, OR, VA and CA.


Additionally, we have access to a nationwide GIS platform with parcel, land characteristics and data coverage for the entire country.  We can zero in on a market and very quickly and efficiently determine the best sites for your strategy including conducting a thorough review of land use issues and regulatory hurdles, our team is highly skilled in reaching out directly to owners of the best sites and negotiating mutually beneficial agreements for their property.  

If you'd like to learn more about CGI and how we can help you achieve your business objectives please contact: 

John Marchefka

Cell: 1-413-325-1035



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